Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exceptions to the Rule

Sorry for the delay in posting. We were out of town last weekend and as I type these words I'm remembering that I forgot to mention a couple of exceptions to our All-Oregon rule. "Oh, sure." you're thinking, "they sound so hard-core and then come the exceptions." Maybe you're right, but at least we're trying. I firmly believe that if we each simply try to be better (about anything, but especially the environment), the imperfect group effort will have tremendous results. So we make our efforts just hard-core enough to make us feel like we're making a difference, but not so exhausting that we give up. A delicate balance.

We have an exception for travel. If you've ever driven between Baker City and Portland and found yourself in Biggs having forgotten to eat lunch in Pendleton, you'll know the uncomfortable position of having to decide between another two (plus) hours of hunger or a meal of tater tots and iceberg salad. This exception allows us the unenviable choice. And the ability to enjoy a meal with family when we're visiting.

We have also decided that we each get an excpetion of our choice. Both Charlie and I are closely guarding our personal exceptions at this point. I know that Charlie is considering cabbage as his exception because St. Patrick's Day is coming up and he wants to be true to his Irish roots. I also know that he is very nearly terrified of running out of tortillas and not being able to make them himself (he has had at least one burrito every day since I have known him), so maybe he'll go for store-bought tortillas. I'm still weighing my options. Last year I went with flax oil from Washington state and Charlie's exception was Tillamook ice cream.
The milk in the ice cream was local, but the chocolate and peanut butter swirled around in there, not-so-much.

But anyway, here's to just (imperfectly) doing it!

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  1. We all have exceptions but I totally agree with you! At least you are making an effort and are aware...isn't that half the battle?